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  • The Tholognaise is a unique sauce recipe with White Germon Tuna and Chorizo.More than 50 years ago, Groix Island welcomed many Portuguese families for the building of the Port Mélin dam.Inspired by Portuguese cuisine, the Tholognaise recipe pays tribute to the culinary tradition of this nation by mixing the good taste of White Germon Tuna, emblematic of...

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  • Rich in flesh with 36.7% of Blue Lobster, this confit of lobster cooked on the island of Groix is ideal for your putting in festive mouths. Raised with kari Gosse, a spice well known to gourmets, this recipe will impress your guests. Enjoy hot - to broil a few minutes in the traditional oven to develop creative appetizers as an aperitif or cassolette for...

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  • This confit of scallops has been prepared according to Breton tradition. Rich in grated scallops, it is ideally served hot in appetizer for aperitif or starter. True salty delicacy, its sweet and sought after taste goes perfectly with your favorite dishes.

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  • Prepared by hand and delicately marinated with seaweed oil and sea beans of Brittany origin, these sardines with seaweed oil will help you distinguish yourself from the traditional sardines.This recipe with fresh and iodized taste will delight all gourmets.

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  • A selection of sardines prepared in the old style in olive oil, canned in Douarnenez, a place of sardines since the 17th century.The olive oil sublimates the finesse of the fish. A harmonious marriage to satisfy the palate of the most demanding gourmets.

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  • Breton sardines prepared by hand and delicately marinated with lobster oil which is made from grape seed oil in which the cooked lobster shells are infused. Combined with this original and qualitative marinade, these sardines with lobster oil will allow you to distinguish yourself from traditional sardines.

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  • The crumbled white Germon Tuna with tomato is an exceptional meal. Cooked from fine white Germon tuna, it can be used both as an appetizer in a the leaf of crunchy endive, on a hot toast, as well as in your dishes: nature, rice salad, or in mini- Tarts. Discover the noble ingredients of this recipe: tomato sauce, olive oil, onions, shallots, carrots and...

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  • The crumbled white germon tuna  with olive oil is mixed with small pieces of green olives. This mixture develops flavors very fragrant thanks to onion, garlic, thyme, dill and coriander. This unctuous and delicate recipe can be enjoyed on bread as an aperitif. Serve it cold, accompanied by thin slices of tomatoes, in a gratin of potatoes or pasta with...

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  • Considered as the "foie gras" of the sea, our burbot liver can be enjoyed fresh as an aperitif or as a starter.Cooked in a traditional way, our burbot liver is marinated for long hours to bring all this delicacy in the mouth.

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  • Our White Tuna filet Atlantic North East origin is hand cut before being marinated in selected olive oil and herbs. Perfect with raw vegetables, to enhance your salads or your salted pies!

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  • Made in Brittany from organic durum wheat semolina and seaweed, they are ideal as an accompaniment to fish.Also delicious in salads, enhanced with a drizzle of Seaweed Oil!

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  • Ces croûtons croustillants nature sont idéal pour accompagner nos soupes de poissons !

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