"Trésors de l'Ile de Groix"

"Trésors de l'Ile de Groix"

This gourmet box presents the flagship products of Groix & Nature. Our Lobster Oil with its spout is joined to three rillettes of delicately cooked fish: scallops, lobster with Kari Gosse and trout from Brittany.

Presented like a book, this elegant box tells you the history of the cannery, the passion of Men who work there and the unique territory that is the island of Groix.


This box is composed with 1 Lobster oïl 250ml, 1 Scallop rillettes, 1 Lobster rillettes with Kari Gosse and 1 Trout rillettes 

  • weight : 533gr
  • Price per kg : 72.23€

39,00 € tax incl.

(Including 1 % donated to the SNSM)

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