Assortment Mini Rillettes 4*30g

Seaweed Mustards 4*30g

Our mustards are finely cooked with seaweed and highly selected for a palette of unprecedented flavors.

Through this box, discover our 4 recipes of seaweed mustard to enhance your dishes in an original and refined way!

This box is composed of 4 mustards of 30g each.


Assortment Composed of 4 pots of 30Gr: Seaweed mustard with basil & wakamé, Old-style mustard with seaweed & Nori, Seaweed mustard with yuzu & nori, Seaweed mustard with grape must & wakamé

  • weight : 120g
  • Price per kg : 107.50€

10,00 € tax incl.

(Including 1 % donated to the SNSM)

Associated cooking recipe

Cook with our good products by following our recipes Do you know Yuzu?

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