Confit mackerel fillets with seaweed oil

April 2017
Confit mackerel fillets with seaweed oil

Preparation time 40 min Cooking time 20 min

For 4 people :

8 Mackerel fillets - 1 Groix & Nature Langoustine Soup -1 bottle of Groix & Nature Seaweed oil - 120 g of risotto rice - 4 whites of leeks - 1 onion - 2 sprigs of thyme - Olive oil - 2 cloves of garlic - 1 lime - Butter - Salt, pepper

1 • Peel, chop the onion finely and stir in butter without browning.

2 • Add the rice and make it nacre in the butter. Wet with Groix & Nature Langoustine Soup, add the thyme.

3 • Cook, stirring frequently and adding regular Groix & Nature Langoustine Soup. At the end of cooking check seasoning. Set aside.

4 • Cook the leeks, add the crushed garlic and thyme. Cover to maintain moisture, and gently confit leeks.

5 • Heat the Groix & Nature Seaweed oil to 62°C and dunk Mackerel fillets.

6 • On a plate, spread risotto, mackerel fillets and leeks. Add a zest of lime, a bit of sea salt and a dash of Groix & Nature Seaweed oil.

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