Seaweed Tartar, Mimosa egg and creamy tuna

June 2017
Seaweed Tartar, Mimosa egg and creamy tuna

Preparation time 15 min • Cooking time 10 minutes Ingredients for 8 jars: 4 eggs - 120 g of Groix & Nature canned Tuna - 1 shallot- 80 g of Groix & Nature Seaweed tartar - 100 g of homemade mayonnaise 1 • Cook the hard-boiled eggs (10 to 12 minutes depending on the size). Chop the shallots. Make the mayonnaise. 2 • Drain and crumble the tuna. Mix with shallot and mayonnaise. Check seasoning. 3 • Spread the eggs and separate the yellow from the white. Chop knife the yolks and egg whites. 4 • Fill each jar by superimposing the creamy Tuna, mimosa egg and Groix and Nature seaweed tartar

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