Lobster confit with Kari Gosse

Lobster confit with Kari Gosse

Rich in flesh with 36.7% of Blue Lobster, this confit of lobster cooked on the island of Groix is ideal for your putting in festive mouths. Raised with kari Gosse, a spice well known to gourmets, this recipe will impress your guests. Enjoy hot - to broil a few minutes in the traditional oven to develop creative appetizers as an aperitif or cassolette for stater.

Ingrédients :
Homard* (36,5%), poissons, crème liquide, noix de Saint-Jacques**, échalotes, beurre, eau, carotte, farine de blé, sel, ail, persil, vin blanc (sulfites), tomates pelées concassées, huile d’olive, armagnac, céleri, Kari gosse (0,05%). Traces éventuelles de moutarde.
*Homarus gammarus, origine Atlantique Nord Est
**Chlamys opercularis, origine Atlantique Nord Est.
Valeurs nutritionnelles (pour 100g)
Calories 133 kcal ou 556 kJ
Matières grasses 8,1 g
dont Acides gras saturés 5,6 g
Glucides 4,5 g dont Sucres 0,7 g
Protéines 10,7 g - Sel 1 g
  • weight : 100gr
  • Price per kg : 76.50€

7,75 € tax incl.

(Including 1 % donated to the SNSM)

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